RustDiscordBot Rust
RustDiscordBot Rust

Rust Chat to Discord

Receive your Rust chat messages straight in Discord (That doesn’t require the Discord Extension) – edit 4 simple variables and you’re on your way!


Sold By: Neko


Tired of a Discord extension crashing your server? 😀

All it does is listen for chat messages over RCON and then post them to a specified Webhook. With a little bit of knowledge and trial-and-error, you could even have this working as an embed or change how it looks entirely.

Whilst this product won’t rid your server(s) fully of it, it’ll make sure it gets used just that little bit less, and hopefully make it cause less crashes. This is a simple, free to use, free to modify script using my own WebRcon Package licensed under BSD 3-Clause.


  1. Install Python3.8
  2. Download & extract the ZIP file
  3. Using your favourite text editor open up and edit the following variables:
    • WEBHOOK_URL – This should be the webhook the code will post to
    • RCONHOST – The IP of your server
    • RCONPORT – The port that your server is listening to RCON on
    • RCONPASSWORD – The RCON password you specify in your .bat, .sh or .cfg file.
  4. Open some form of console and type python

Fair Warnings

  • This script has not been setup to dynamically adapt to Discord’s rate-limits. If you feel like your chat goes at about 10 messages a second for more than 5 minutes at a time, do not use this.
  • You will need basic programming know-how if you wish to edit this script efficiently.
  • Support is not guaranteed for this product, and is available solely at the discretion of the author.
  • If you have multiple servers, you will have to run multiple instances of this script.
  • If you are on Linux, you might want to learn how to use Tmux
  • You must include the copyright notice and license (see the LICENSE file) in any and all redistributions of this code.
  • Usage instructions do not account for the various nuances of different Operating Systems, and you must adapt the steps accordingly. See some of my other products for more detailed Python installation instructions.
  • This has not been designed to be user friendly. It has been created and made available for those who feel like a small challenge.


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Version 1.0
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