Screenshot from Rust Game Update June 2023 showing new features and changes.

Rust Game Update: June 2023 – New DLC, Bag Limits, Infinite Ammo & More

In the world of Rust, the thrill of survival meets the passion for creation. This June, Rust is bringing a fresh wave of exciting changes and additions, promising an even more immersive gaming experience. Let’s dive in and see what’s new in the Rust Game Update for June 2023.

Shipping Container DLC – A New Building Skin for Rust

The second building skin DLC, the Shipping Container, is all set to add an extra layer of visual excitement to your gaming experience. This cosmetic upgrade for the sheet metal tier now allows players to choose from 16 different colors using the Spray Can, creating quite a decent list of options for players to choose from for their bases. The color changes also affect the interior as well, with some other elements as well that complement the style/texture. This DLC will be available for purchase around the update time.

Worth noting that in certain environments, you may yield a slight benefit by choosing the right color variation as shown here in a recent Shadowfrax video!

A Revamped Skin Selection UI and Creation Effects

Rust has always valued user-friendliness, and this month’s update is no exception. The hammer radial menu now lets players scroll through building skins for each tier using the ‘q’ and ‘e’ keys. Moreover, new dynamic animations, known as creation effects, have been added for upgrading each building tier. Although these animations do not affect the actual upgrade speed, they certainly add a visual flair to the upgrading process.


Changes to Respawn and In-game Map Improvements

Rust is introducing changes to respawning for better gameplay balance. A maximum limit has been set for the number of respawn points (bags and beds) each player can have per server. The default limit is 15. Additionally, players can now manage their bags on the in-game map, even during cooldown. Furthermore, the in-game map now lists all map markers from the player or team leader on the left. Tooltips have been reworked a good bit as well for this change, which include them displaying when placing bags and when you’re at your limit as shown below.


Wipe Timer Improvements and End-of-Wipe Events

With the introduction of the Nuclear Missile Silo monument last month, Rust continues to provide server owners with improved control over end-of-wipe events. The wipe timer has been refactored to use cron expressions, and new convars have been introduced for better control over the wipe timer.

Other Noteworthy Changes

This update also brings a range of miscellaneous changes, including:

  • A new world model for handmade shells.
  • Added support to connect to server via query port (used by steam://connect URLs)
  • The glass cube prefabs for map makers now have the same LOD properties as the newer Tiled Cubes
  • Fixes for corpse & skull not having their name hidden in streamer mode.
  • Fix for occasional floating pylons on the map.
  • Horse idle animations have been modified.
  • Bradley no longer targets players who are in a safe zone.
  • A larger ‘no build’ radius around the Missile Silo monument.

New Admin Convars for Better Control

Rust has introduced new convars for developers and admins:

    • infiniteammo: Infinite ammo prevents condition loss of weapons and tools.Rust Game Update: June 2023 - New Dlc, Bag Limits, Infinite Ammo &Amp; More Rust Game Update
    • repair_inventory: Instantly repairs all items in the inventory.
    • reloadweapons: Reloads all weapons in the inventory.
    • max_sleeping_bags: Configure max amount of allowed bags per player (Default is 15)
    • player.list_cinematic_gestures: Display a list of available gestures in the console
    • wipetimer.wipeUnixTimestampOverride: Manually modify the wipe timer
    • wipeTimezone: Default is Europe/London
    • PrintWipe: Test command to display the wipe information within the console to assist in configuring the wipe timer
    • skin_radius: information tbd
    • upgrade_radius: information tbd




Ferry Terminal Monument – A New Addition to Rust’s Landmarks

The Ferry Terminal monument, which has been anticipated by the community, was committed to the Rust codebase in June. The monument provides a new gameplay element, but the specific details are yet to be announced by Facepunch. We can only assume it will be related to the nexus system until more information barges in.

In conclusion, the June 2023 update of Rust brings an array of features and enhancements, making Rust more immersive and enjoyable for its players. Stay updated with the latest changes and prepare to adapt to the new dynamics of the Rust world.

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